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    Oct 12, 2020
    I am looking to build my Mustang Mach 1 for performance and quality daily driving capabilities. Below is a list of mods I have completed on the car, and further down is a list of potential future modifications. If anyone has tips on the direction I should go with the car please let me know!

    Mods Already Installed on Car:
    MagnaFlow Performance catback exhaust
    K&N Cold Air Intake
    Stage 2 carbon clutch and upgraded aluminum flywheel
    3.73:1 Gearing
    (Purchased the car lowered, have yet to find our what spring kit or coilovers are in the car)
    Hurst Billet Short Throw shifter
    Diablo pre-loaded tune

    Future Modifications:
    Angle kit
    Aftermarket steering wheel
    Limited Slip differential
    SR Sway Bars
    Turbo or supercharger

    Does anyone also happen to know how much power the stock engine can handle?

    Thank you!