new edge

  1. shovel

    Barn Find 2040 I guess..

    Parking my wife's 2002 Mustang while we figure out if she's going to get better or.. not better. It's a nice car so I hope it doesn't become a dust collector but I guess nobody hopes that when they park something in a shed.
  2. B

    Dakota Digital Speedo Interface

    Hey y'all, I got my first SN95 about a month or so back and the speedometer doesn't work for it. Come to find out, the guy previous had put in an 01 GT manual transmission that has a magnetic speed sensor. I've since replaced the sensor, but that didn't change anything. I picked up a Dakota...
  3. Fillywardo

    New Edge cluster in SN95?? Splicing?

    Hello everyone!! This is my first post on the forum. I’m swapping a 4.6 from a 96 GT (entire donor car) into my 2003 Mustang. I have the engine inside, the ECU wiring harness is ran, ECU inside and plugged in, I went to plug in the 3 smaller connections at the ECU and noticed the plugs were...

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