1. J

    Oil Pan Gasket replacement

    I have a 94 GT with a leaking oil pan gasket. Can I change out the gasket without removing the k-member? Any tips or links are greatly appreciated. I'm a complete newbie to working on a car... but love a challenge and an looking forward to doing this myself.
  2. J

    94 GT Barn Find HELP!!!

    I recently purchased a 52K mile 94 Mustang GT from an old man. The car sat for about three years due to him no longer being able to drive stick. This will be my weekend cruiser, but I plan to add 373 gears and a mild exhaust in the coming year. My questions are: 1. What brand of oil and filter...
  3. ForeverDriven

    Oil Pan Dent

    Just bought this 97 Mustang GT a while back. Fun car, and I just put it on coil-overs. Long story short, I believe I put a small-medium dent in the oil pan (I'm honestly unsure if it was there before, but this problem started after I bottomed out on a speed bump). The dent is near the back, on...

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