1. T

    New To Me 1995 Mustang GT

    Hi everyone, yesterday I bought a 1995 Ford Mustang GT, 5-Speed, and I am coming to the forums for general guidance as I attempt to turn this car, which is in fairly good shape (great shape for 5500 CA$), into a pretty good looking and performing car. It isn’t possible for a 19 year old to...
  2. Fillywardo

    New Edge cluster in SN95?? Splicing?

    Hello everyone!! This is my first post on the forum. I’m swapping a 4.6 from a 96 GT (entire donor car) into my 2003 Mustang. I have the engine inside, the ECU wiring harness is ran, ECU inside and plugged in, I went to plug in the 3 smaller connections at the ECU and noticed the plugs were...
  3. Frank.JD.Perez

    Special Offer from Wheelwell

    Hey SN95forums members (and occasional lurkers), A new, up and coming company called Wheelwell, based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, is offering a special deal to car enthusiast - like you and me - around the US! For all new members on the site, Wheelwell is offering $200 towards any...
  4. SN95_#19_DSA

    New Member, looking to get a SN95!

    Hey everyone, looking to get a 1994-1998 Mustang GT in the next few days. Completely new to this so bear with me here. I have been using a motorcycle daily for the last 4 years and think this would be a great first car. Moved a lot so never got the 'first car' experience when I was 16...

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