1. Monday

    Another Interior Question for sn95ers

    I have leads on two full sets of seats, and they are cheap cheap cheap. One set is from a 2005 GT; next is 2000. My questions are: Will the fronts from the 2005 bolt into my '96? Do I even have a chance at installing the back seats - I see they are split (folding I imagine). The 2000 has upper...
  2. Monday

    Seats and their Backs

    Has anyone attempted swapping seat backs in their car? Does that seat belt little retainer thingy make swapping passenger seat back with the driver's back, impossible? Thanks
  3. CobraRGuy

    Want to put high end race seats in my '95 Cobra R

    Hi all, Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions. I have some existing Momo cloth seats in my car now. These are one piece fiberglass and they're getting a little old. I bought a floor mount that fits my floor pan, but I had to fabricate brackets to adapt to the Momo side mounts. For my...

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