1. Gannon

    Torque converter to flex plate bolts

    Are these bolts only available at the dealer. I have a 01 Gt with an auto transmission. I’ve been told these bolts are one time use. I’m going to be replacing the transmission soon. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Gannon

    4.6 swap issue

    Just finished swapping a blown 4.6 with a used one with 89k. Before the car was parked, the auto transmission shifted smoothly, never an issue. on the first test drive the car doesn’t want to go above 30mph. Fluid levels are where they should be, there is no check engine light. The only other...
  3. S

    shifter goes into gear but no movement

    ok so I was cruising down the highway in 5th gear when all of a sudden I had no more power seemed like i was in neutral. So I tried downshifting and again clearly in 4th gear but no response from the rear wheels when I give it gas. So after rolling to the shoulder of the freeway i had to stop...
  4. B

    4.6 swap?

    Hi. I've noticed that the old crown victoria motors are relatively cheap and reliable. I was thinking about putting one in the mustang. Eventually I would like to put in a t56 transmission. anyone know about problems I could face? Wiring tips? Fitment? Etc I would most likely be putting in a...
  5. amf201091

    T-45 rebuild

    Under hard acceleration at higher RPM's, I'm getting a grind every time when shifting from 1-2, 3-2. Think I'm going to rebuild the t-45. How do I make this thing bullet proof?

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