1. S

    shifter goes into gear but no movement

    ok so I was cruising down the highway in 5th gear when all of a sudden I had no more power seemed like i was in neutral. So I tried downshifting and again clearly in 4th gear but no response from the rear wheels when I give it gas. So after rolling to the shoulder of the freeway i had to stop...
  2. B

    4.6 swap?

    Hi. I've noticed that the old crown victoria motors are relatively cheap and reliable. I was thinking about putting one in the mustang. Eventually I would like to put in a t56 transmission. anyone know about problems I could face? Wiring tips? Fitment? Etc I would most likely be putting in a...
  3. amf201091

    T-45 rebuild

    Under hard acceleration at higher RPM's, I'm getting a grind every time when shifting from 1-2, 3-2. Think I'm going to rebuild the t-45. How do I make this thing bullet proof?

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