1. TTSaleen

    My new Video Rewind Series of vids.

    So my wife bought me a used VCR last year to push me on converting all my old VHS tapes to digital. I've put it off as life has kept me busy. But I decided to start piecing footage together to create story lines that you can follow. I started the series with my 1st car that I built up to race...
  2. TTSaleen

    Took my 68 Charger out to test the new gears

    Recently upgrade the 8 3/4 rear in my 1968 Charger. Installed a Sure-Grip (posi) differential and went from a 2.76 to a 3.73 gear. Plus installed new axles with the press-on Green bearings. Got a chance to "drive it" if you know what I mean. LOL. Ryan
  3. TTSaleen

    Testing out the 2-step from N2MB

    Finally got the N2MB working in my TTSaleen. This is tied into my transbrake button. My video didn't show the latest picture with the 10k pull-down resistor on the trigger wire side. This keeps the wire at zero (grounded) until activated and makes the unit work properly for me.

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