1. R

    2003 3.8L cooling fan wiring help

    So I recently got a beat up '03 3.8L to mess around with and discovered my fan wasn't kicking on and found this wiring mess that someone left for me(see attached pictures). I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to electronic components and don't want to short or damage the CCRM or anything so...
  2. R

    Speedometer / Odometer Not Working. Read entire post.

    Ok, so my speedometer and odometer are not working. All other gauges work correctly. I'm sure this question has been asked several times, but I cannot find a solution to my problem. Here's what I've done so far. 1. Changed out the worm & drive gear inside instrument cluster. No change. 2...
  3. ForeverDriven

    Coyote Swap! (The hell should I do with the wiring?)

    Alright so I've got a coyote swap going! Motor is going into a 97 GT. My main question is the starting/fuel system. The instructions mention that I should solder the fuel pump, starter request, and all that biz to the PCM. Question is, if I keep the old computer partially hooked up and keep the...
  4. M

    regarding wiring in a swap

    hey guys im new to the forum and ill be on here more often in the future. I have a 1994 gt which is currently my daily but will also be my complete parts car for my project 1982 mercedes 500 sec (2 door S class) this will be my first engine swap and while I am mechanically inclined the wiring...
  5. V

    Installing Led headlights

    I dont have a voltage meter or much wiring experience,learning as I go,beginner here. Need to know if the red,or green is the hot wire. To attach the quick clamp to

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