Want To Buy 6 Vinyl Graphics

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    I have 3 new vehicles in my fleet that I need my company logo placed on the door. I know some folks here do vinyl graphics on their cars, so maybe somebody can do these up for me. I've quoted a couple of places locally and they all seem overpriced for what this really is or entails. (I can install the graphics myself.) Shipping should not be much to sandwich the graphics between two pieces of cardboard and mail them. I'd like to spend $ here rather that give it to some overpriced signage company.

    I need 6 of these made up.
    The logo is very basic and consists of only two colors: black and royal blue.
    The length needs to be between 30 and 32 inches while maintaining aspect ratio for the height.

    The logo: http://deckerservices.com/files/6313/8998/6636/deckerlogoblue.png
    (I have high resolution copies available that I will forward to whoever ends up doing these.)

    I will probably need more work done in the future when I put up a large sign in front of my warehouse.
    Also, I will be putting additional words on my trucks like: City, State, and DOT information, if applicable, so there may be more work in the future.
    A few examples of past work done would be a +.
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    There are a few people who I have worked with. There is PRP Vinyl who MadStang can get you in contact with. There is also another member on here. Cant remember his name since he isnt active much but he owns a business called RedTide Marketing. Josh Minson is his name and seems to be very reasonable. Here is his phone number (801) 644-3161 and here is his facebook.

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