80mm TB for 94 GT

Discussion in '94-95 5.0 - Specific' started by stang94X, Jun 28, 2007.

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    May 16, 2007
    is 75 mm the biggest TB made for 94/95's , i cant find any company that makes them bigger, i can only find 80mm and bigger for 87-93, i'm thinking of getting a supercharger off my fathers friend and it comes with a 80mm mass air and air intake pipe and my intake elbow has been machined for bigger than a 75 mm opening cause edelbrocks elbow comes with only a 70mm opening, i would like to find a 80mm TB to have the sized match all the way to the intake without going through the hassles of switching it over to a fox setup
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    Jun 13, 2007
    Norfolk, Va
    I'm pretty sure Proffesional products and BBK both have a 75MM TB... Don't quote me on that, but i'm ALMOST 100% sure... I would look at www.americanmuscle.com or www.cjponyparts.com or www.50resto.com or www.brothersperformance.com

    if you haven't already looked at those places... 50resto is who i go to for most of my stuff... or give Brian Metzger a call or an email up at Texas hot Rods

    [email protected]
    Texas Hot Rods
    Mustang Performance Specialist
    TOLL FREE: 877-50-STANG (877-507-8264)

    I have had a few quotes from them, and nobody's been able to beat it, they have really good customer service, i've got a buddy that had them build him a 331, so they come highly recomended from him. i'll be purchasing my exhuast through them as well.
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    Jan 2, 2007
    Ive heard nothing but good stuff about texas hot rods.