Big Block SN95

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  1. So I was thinking, my car is getting tired and old shes got 120,000 on the clock, so whats next for the ol girl? I thought about maybe dumpin her off onto a high school kid lookin for a project car, and then pickin up a modular car or prefferably a Cobra, but I couldn't do that to her. Shes been good to me and I've run her hard. I have always wanted a race car, I want something I can share with my future kids and a fun thing I could get them involved in. I thought maybe goin the route of a big block fox, but I just had then i had an idea, why not just put a big block in my car? What a perfect idea? Anyone know of a website or something where I could get info on this swap? I was thinkin of a 514 just in case you were wondering.
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  3. Thank you sir.