C4 in a 98GT Streetcar ??????'s

Discussion in '96-04 - 2V Specific' started by Stolen 98, Aug 25, 2006.

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Anyone done this??? if so can I run a 3.73 and spray 150hp shot on my stock engine and not run out of tranny by the end of the 1/4??

    Also does anyone have a parts list? I know I will need a shifter, crossmember, bellhousing, and dipstick? Will my computer need tuned??

    I'm considering this b/c I am having problems with the 15k mile 4r70w I just put in, it doesn't creep forward under its own power from a stop when its cold, and it makes all sorts of whining noises when its on the freeway. When its in park or neutral it makes a loud vaccum leak sound. I'm thinking a Built C4 and Nitrous converter would cost less compared to a built 4r70w, plus cut some weight. The car is not my daily driver but isn't a track only piece either....

    Thanks for your time. :drunk: