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Mar 31, 2021
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April 14, 2022 * 30 posts * 299 views
ttocs said: I had a set of their headers for a while. They were not ceramic but chrome plated and yea that didn't last long but chrome plated headers never will. I sent the JBA I was replacing ... Read more >>
April 14, 2022 * 9 posts * 42 views
Daryl said: Wondering if this is a longer shift arm? Longer than stock? Longer than the SVE short-throw? I'd love just a bit longer arm than my SVE short throw; less of a reach to throw gears. Read more >>
April 14, 2022 * 10 posts * 62 views
ttocs said: as long as the box is designed correctly it will be fine in the trunk as long as it can fit through the opening. The stock trunk opening can make it hard to fit a box. JL makes ... Read more >>
April 14, 2022 * 10 posts * 47 views
RacerX said: If you have any plans for coilovers later you will want one. Coilovers really put a beating on the shock towers and they need extra support or they can sag. STB and 4 bolt CC Plates ... Read more >>
April 15, 2022 * 16 posts * 138 views
96blak54 said: Ill be honest. I set the limiter to 6300 cause i wasnt ready to wring it out. I still had bugs to work out one being the heater core feed. At the time i didnt know it, but the ... Read more >>
April 14, 2022 * 27 posts * 317 views
lwarrior1016 said: Yes mine are the stock mirrors. I made them look like folding mirrors. Then sanded the texture smooth on the painted part so it looks like two different materials. I'll try to ... Read more >>
April 14, 2022 * 11 posts * 56 views
badass98svt said: Wrapped the little amp rack in carpet last night . It should look pretty nice up there. It's going to be tucked up and mostly out of the line of sight. The bottom of the rear deck ... Read more >>
April 14, 2022 * 13 posts * 80 views
tinnocker said: If the vibration is still present in neutral while idling, it would eliminate the driveshaft. Read more >>
April 14, 2022 * 20 posts * 168 views
Blackhippy2016 said: UPDATE: The wire that I found hanging was indeed a ground wire. To test it I latched it on to a rack and pinon bolt and all the lights and electronics started working properly. ... Read more >>
April 14, 2022 * 8 posts * 59 views
95opal said: Yup no injector pulse. I dont care if the dizzy is new ive seen bogus new parts plenty of times. Read more >>

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