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Mar 31, 2021
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September 04, 2021 * 10 posts * 84 views
RAU03MACH said: Did you have anything bolted to them Such as a dip stick tube You can get by without the studs but thats up to you Aitozone also has studed bolts Read more >>
September 04, 2021 * 8 posts * 64 views
07GtS197 said: Nope the abs can only be read by a scanner capable of reading abs codes. Op I suggest getting an elm327 dongle with the Forescan app. It can read all modules and codes from all ... Read more >>
September 05, 2021 * 6 posts * 46 views
Monday said: Would any of you fine people have dimensions for a Rear Seat Delete. I found plywood on sale on FB and managed to get a sheet for a third of what the yards want... anyway, I want ... Read more >>
September 05, 2021 * 1 post * 25 views
juiced95stang said: If anyone has a pic could you post it so I can compare something...One that for sure hasn't been milled and is just like it came new. Thanks Read more >>
September 05, 2021 * 1 post * 16 views
SN95Newsletter said: Click here to view on the web Highlighted posts Need help finding Exhaust manifold bolts September 03, 2021 * 10 posts * 43 views 94-04 - V6 Specific 01 abs light question September ... Read more >>
September 06, 2021 * 28 posts * 334 views
ttocs said: hold the trigger on the power bleeder and pinch the line going to the caliper on/off. It helps it build a little more pressure and helps to pull more air. Read more >>
September 03, 2021 * 17 posts * 233 views
RAU03MACH said: The valves where the vacuum lines hook up under fender well any thing cracked or broken or other rotted lines present Read more >>
September 02, 2021 * 9 posts * 154 views
ttocs said: did ya get the rona?! don't let it slow this down enquiring minds want to know. Read more >>
September 03, 2021 * 55 posts * 621 views
Venompower said: This has eaten up the last two months of summer... cruise nights here run through the end of September, so I'll get a few more opportunities to show her off. To say I'm relieved ... Read more >>

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