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Mar 31, 2021
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August 03, 2022 * 11 posts * 40 views
Venompower said: I think part of the reason my car sounds different than previous four valves with Flowmaster 40's is the dumps. It just doesn't that's the metallic echo and pop of previous cars, ... Read more >>
August 03, 2022 * 7 posts * 30 views
JPuehl said: I have an '01 Cobra that came with an aftermarket, unknown vendor, shifter and shifting is notchy, i.e. wants to "stop" in neutral between gears. Is this a function of the shifter ... Read more >>
August 03, 2022 * 6 posts * 48 views
tvsn95 said: In the for what its worth I have Had BIG problems with Alt's .not uncommon to get a few weeks out of one these days. Mostly regulator failures even though I did sling one apart ... Read more >>
August 03, 2022 * 64 posts * 549 views
Venompower said: I did not bypass the Mach system. I initially wanted to just do a head unit upgrade and leave everything else, if I can get the speakers working I probably still will for now. ... Read more >>
August 03, 2022 * 19 posts * 262 views
Daryl said: I asked MM. Got feedback saying all I'd need is their clutch cable kit($208) and their pedal height adjuster($20). So basically $250+labor. Read more >>
August 03, 2022 * 1 post * 6 views
SN95Newsletter said: Click here to view on the web Highlighted posts Help me pick a receiver! August 02, 2022 * 53 posts * 468 views Electrical & Stereo Brand new alternator dies after 3 months??? ... Read more >>
August 03, 2022 * 14 posts * 198 views
That Mustang Guy said: Yo Drew814 please acknowledge the people trying to help you or pull the post. When you post for help or ideas, Be courteous to the people replying because if not we will move on ... Read more >>

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