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Finally left moddedmustangs.
We are glad to have you here. Have you made an introduction thread yet?
just posted my build update. I'll have pictures coming soon of the damages to the old motor.
I've sold my '94 and have comprehensive library of factory manuals and an OBDI unused reader to sell but, I cannot find how to list these on your site. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Don Stewart
Hey @Don Stewart if you need to post items for sale, we’ve got a classified section. You need a specific post count to list items though. I cannot remember if it is 50 or 100 posts, but once you reach that point, you can list items for sale.
Don Stewart
Don Stewart
I don't have 100 posts.
Did you ever figure out your airbag light? I have the same problem with my 95 Cobra.
i have two of the factory pockets that fit where the CD player was, one with a rubber lining and one without. They are for sale. Pics of the one with the lining are in your thread. Interested? Make an offer.
That's cool. I will also offer to ship it for free and ask you to pass the favor forward to somebody else who needs a break sometime in the future. Good luck on your job hunt!
I think I misread this, were you offering me the pocket for free? I read that as free shipping. I've been avoiding this site because it tends to make me want to spend money on my car.
Yep, totally free. Give me your address and I'll get it mailed.
hey if you're interested in that 35th anniversary cluster let me know. you have dibs. Just make me an offer. Joe I can send it off right away also.
Count to a million thread is popping bro
Where the hell is it?!? I can’t find it lol
I had to get access again. After becoming a supporting member we used to get access automatically.. But not any more at least for me. I had to use the contact link at the bottom of page requsting permission. Try that and get to
???? cant imagine what Ohio has to do with it LOL.
I am curios if these are in fact PM so I can share shipping address
Hey, just came across your post on using decipha maybe i spelled it wrong? Anyways the guy on efituning. I've been reading on his pages for a while and had wondered if he was really that good. From what i read i felt like he knows his shit. Anyways you paid for a tune and he emails it to you? Did you do any logging or anything like that with him?
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@joe65 Decipha is a local guy to me. My boss is friends with him and they talk tuning all the time. Dude definitely knows what he is doing, and is very particular about the condition of the vehicle he tunes. I’ve never had him tune for me, but I’ve seen the result of his work. I wouldn’t hesitate to use him.
Hey, welcome!

I didn't want to revive that 'help before this gets me killed' thread because someone said it fizzled out with no resolution and I didn't have anything to add. BUT

I did want to thank you for that mention of ALLDATADIY.

You weren't kidding when you said Chiltons on steroids.
It was worth the $20.00 to get a complete comprehensive manual of my pony.


I feel like Alldata gives us what we really need. As close to a shop manual as I've seen :)

Thanks for the welcome! I love this forum!

- Julian
My 94 sn95 Mustang GT convertible has a rebuilt engine with gt40p heads, new everything engine mechanical & electrical but when cold, starts with over fueling while backfiring some, runs till warm then dies till cool again. I've switched plugs, cleaned the plugs yet results are the same.
Any ideas?
over fueling? as in too rich? if so, how do you know?

gt40 heads? If fuel injected it needs a baseline tune to get running, then tweaked on a dyno session.
My plugs blacken then shut down seaming to flood out and misfire,
the timing is on.
I did change the injectors but they were supposably the same,
It has me scratching,
Does your MAF match your injectors? Does your regulator work?
Got started on the engine swap finally. I will search for the best info but I'm sure I will still have a lot of questions.
I'll add photos as as soon as I can remember
OK I know I need 100 posts to sell but not to post in WTB/WTT forum. So why can I not post in the WTB/WTT? Thank you for your time.

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