1. Javier

    my 1998 mustang

    just a video on my 1998 Mustang GT.
  2. T

    Showing off my "new" machine

    Hello. I'm Tripp from Mexico I had been searching for my dream car for around two years. If anyone has tried to find a car in inner Mexico, you'd know that it's not as easy as finding them in the USA (at least from my experience). But I've managed to find it. It's a 98, standard, 4.6L, red...
  3. ZED

    1998 Mustang GT convertible top off track

    i have been trying everything to get this thing to lock in. its literally like an inch away from being back on track. its a bit crooked. someone plz help!
  4. 1998MustangVert

    Looking for Window Sticker Info

    Hello all! I found a gentlemen on the forum who has the ability to reproduce a window sticker for me... For those who have their window sticker, I'm looking to see if you can help me figure out how much these options cost on my car. It is a 98 V6 convertible. The options are: Automatic Overdrive...
  5. Katrina1998

    Wipers Stuck On!!!

    So I’ve been dealing with this problem for some time now and I’ve read some things but they aren’t really clear. I have 1998 mustang gt convertible and my wind shield wipers are stuck on, and stuck on the highest mode. Everything else works besides the wiper control settings. So my short term...
  6. Katrina1998

    Advice? 1998 Mustang Gt Convt.

    Hello! so I have 1998 mustang gt convertible and I have been dealing with this problem for some time now, my windshield wipers are stuck on, on the highest mode, occasionally when they are on (not often) they’ll randomly stop then go back to being on. So my short term solution has been to unplug...

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