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    How much am i pushing and how much more can i squeeze off what i have

    I just recently got a beautiful mustang gt from a trade that the first buyer put a lot of work into and i’m wondering how much hp i’m pushing and how much more i can squeeze out with killing my bank so far it has 3.55 gears K&n air filter Asp pulleys Chris Johnson chip 2% lean on WOT Synthetics...
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    1995 SN95 $1000.00ish Build.... (for now).. ($780....left)

    OK so last winter I built up a 1979 GL1000 after a spring of few to many slides (apparently a goldwing sure feels like 650lbs once sliding).... I decided it was time for a trade.... Oh and dirt bike bars and dual sport tires do not make a dirt bike.... LOL So I traded for a 1995 GT yellow...

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