1995 SN95 $1000.00ish Build.... (for now).. ($780....left)


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Feb 6, 2021
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OK so last winter I built up a 1979 GL1000 after a spring of few to many slides (apparently a goldwing sure feels like 650lbs once sliding).... I decided it was time for a trade.... Oh and dirt bike bars and dual sport tires do not make a dirt bike.... LOL

So I traded for a 1995 GT yellow with black leather interior.. around 280,000km but rust free... heads were off and cracked piston from ring, driven with bad head gaskets so block damaged between cylinders and someone order it with an automatic... gross..

So the $1000.00 build begins (basic shop supplies not included) !! Looking for a fun driver...

Part collection begun: NV3500 from 2wd K1500, flywheel/clutch from newer LM7 K1500, and pedal assembly from sn95 and clutch hydraulics from on of the pickups... $220.00... yep the NV3500...

Neighbour gave me a 2003 GMC 1/2 ton.. and wrecking yard loaned me his tow truck to bring it home (I live in a small town so these things still happen).. Pulled the body off and saved the entire wiring harness and pulled the 4.8L... I figure a turbo or two should wake it up... Pickup spent it last few years as a dump yard truck...

Rational for the "LS" swap... no one has ever done it(HAHAHA).. nope automatic needed to go (sorry want a road car that is fun to drive), 351W roller blocks are 93-96 not that easy to find, Ford stopped making push rod motors in around 1997 so getting rare.. LM7 are all my local yard has (forestry country) so push rod, aluminum heads, once I get setup $200 for an another motor... Only transmission worse then the NV3500 would be T5 behind this... Looking for 400-500hp... And I have a welder and a grinder... (going to run factory GM computer)..

Just moved the Mustang into the driveway... pulled most the Aircon with grinder and pulled some interior...

My first car when I bought at 13 was a 1979 Capri RS swapped in a 289 -C4 (from a 72 pinto it pulled the rear unibody off floor), later 302 with a toploader 4 speed. Also built a 1963 Willys FC170 with a Mercedes OM617 turbo diesel...

Few issues:
  • K member --- apparently I needed the 4.6 to fit the 4.8... so either pulling a K-member at local yard (there is a 2000ish with v6) or see if I can mod the 5.0L (yes everyone buys a tubular but budget)...
  • IRS dreams.... but Cobra is going for double my budget and I live a way from big center... Local yard has a MN12 thunderbird... yes I know it won't bolt in... but I would like some more track width (bolt pattern differnt too)... wish mustangs had got the widebody of the Capri.... (wish I kept the Capri now! who knew)..
  • Suspension not going to make the first round of build... but was the SN95 designed to be a 4x4? why the factory lift kit??
Next steps:
  • ABS delete..
  • Manual driver seat track
  • Pull interior
  • Pull motor/trans
  • Swap pedal assembly and fab hydraulic master (crazy prices on kits)
  • Clean the mud off the 4.8L
  • figure out a shifter (NV3500 is about 18" forward of a T5)Figure out a turbo (local is running a Detroit diesel on his 4.8L/5.3L Camaro with Nitros and a Carb it makes around 700hp based on the 1/8 times... lots of detroit kicking around in logging and marine in town...



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Dec 30, 2007
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Prairieville, LA
About that MN12 being the wrong bolt pattern..


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