1. i86hotdogs

    BBK Mass Air Meter vs Non-BBK CAI Systems

    Title sums it up pretty well. Fired off the parts cannon earlier this week for my '98 GT 5-speed. Plugs, wires, coils, intake know: the easy bolt ons. Bought the SR Performance black CAI system off American Muscle. Cheap, effective, could not care less about the performance gains...
  2. J

    California Carb CAI question

    I'm new to California, and want to know what's up with this CARB compliant stuff with cold air intakes. I'll settle for a cheap SR intake VS MAC, but is it illegal for me to do this in California? How would anyone know, if I swapped back during a smog check? Will they check during a smog check?
  3. J

    p0411 code, engine breaking up at low rpm

    I have a 96 Cobra, the car is breaking up when first getting into the throttle. Check engine light came on and threw the P0411 code.....secondary intake system incorrect flow. All this started when I put in a JLT ram air intake..the car had more power but the IMRC didn't like it so the car would...

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