1. D

    Coilovers vs Shocks/Springs, etc.

    Currently my 95 Gt Vert is on all stock suspension. Fitment is pretty horrendous and it feels like a wagon over any bumps, I’m tired of it. I am on a somewhat tight budget, hoping to spend less than $1000. Coilovers would be cool but I don’t want to cheap out on them and a good set looks to be...
  2. D

    Rear sway bar hitting differential cover?

    Hello all, I have a 2003 Mach 1. Recently I did all new tubular control arms and a BC Coilover kit. The car is probably ~4” lower than stock and rides great. I have noticed a very annoying clunking noise over certain bumps coming from the rear end. Upon further inspection, the rear sway bar...
  3. Patientzero

    New guy in Kansas City

    Hello everybody! I can't access Facebook at work so this is the next best thing, lol. My background: I did 7 years in the Air Force as an AMMO troop, was stationed in Japan or Italy the whole time. Earned my degree in Munitions Systems Technology(things that go boom) for what it's worth...

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