1. 9

    1995 Mustang GT Emissions delete(Help)

    So basically somebody stole my catalytic converter, but it is what it is. and that got me thinking to put on a new exhaust on since they cut a chunk from the manifolds. in the perfect world, I'd like to put on some BBK long tube manifolds, and the only manifolds they make for an automatic...
  2. T

    When car starts stays at 1500 rpms then when I shut off after started won’t start

    I have replaced distributor replaced ccrm checked all fuses all wires no vacuum leaks have checked everything I possibly can and sometimes my fan and fuel pump would randomly turn on when the key is on So I am thinking my ecu is the suspect so I took it apart and everything looks fine except...
  3. SN95_Superman

    ECM issue

    Hey everyone, So after a few long days of research and phone calls, my tuner is locked out and too old for the company to fix as they no longer support this device. My ECM is now messed up and the car will not start. I now have to have my ECM reflashed or replaced. I have done some research and...

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