1. Yellow00Stang

    Battery light / idle voltage

    I have a 2000 GT that has had the battery light on since I bought it 1.5 years ago. Got it checked out at Ford when I bought it. They said the electrical system checked out fine and it could be the aftermarket alternator. Drove until a couple of weeks ago and battery died. Alternator seemed to...
  2. S

    97 4.6L GT convertible 200a alternator/electrical problems

    So pretty similar to the other thread same part a power master 200a alternator from summit, I got mine bc I’m running a 1200w Max 600w RMS audio system (both amp and 12” sub power rating) this system is ran separately from the stock Mach 460 system which is still in use the only thing connecting...
  3. ForeverDriven

    Mach 460 Amps bad?

    Hey everyone, quick question and description of my issue. Ever since I got this car (a 97 GT with the Mach 460) there has been little to no bass and significant "radio buzz" that follows the volume. What I've found is that my front speakers and all tweeters work fine, even the tweeters in the...
  4. dookiemane

    Short to the instrument cluster?

    Hey folks, I'm having a problem with some of the gauges in my '97 instrument cluster. The fuel gauge used to work then began to work intermittently, and now is completely shot save for sweeping sometimes when the car starts then returning to past E regardless of how much gas is in the tank. The...
  5. ForeverDriven

    Fuel Pump Wiring Tips

    Hello again, I'm sure a few of you are used to my username by now, but I've got yet another question. I've had fuel issues for a while now and I've just found out that there are less than 10 amps of current making it to my 340 LPH pump. I assume this is from my control pack's 10 gauge fuel wire...
  6. ForeverDriven

    Electrical Fuel Issues, How Fun

    Alright! Some may remember me from last fall when I made a similar post about my '97 Coyote Swap. Well, issues have persisted and I'm here again for more help! Here is a video (it is a safe google drive link) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xSwJHflu91LYOqFGtR4Rh5FnCJwusGHi/view?usp=sharing...
  7. Fauxbra03

    Odometer acting weird after new gauge lights

    I’ve only had my new edge for a couple months now and as of 12/24, I put in led lights for my gauge cluster. After I finished that, I had to drive to the store and on the way there I realized whenever I press my brakes, the digital odometer turns off. Now this only happens when the lights are...
  8. A

    Won't start, short maybe?

    So I have a 96 GT, I swapped in a whole 01 Bullitt motor into, finally got the point of setting fuel pressure, and getting ready to fire it up. Now when I tried starting it, one click from starter and then complete loss of power, no dinging, no lights. Takes the battery from green on the charger...
  9. ForeverDriven

    16.679 Volt spikes coming from O2 Sensor

    Title says it all. The 97 GT I just bought a while back recently threw a rich code when driving, then developed a pulsing/surging in 5th gear at the same time. No matter if I clear the code, the pulsing/surging in 5th is always there, and idle randomly gets really rough. Code is p0175. Here's...
  10. J

    Need help with my 1995 v6 mustang

    So the other day I was driving around and I had my ac set all the way cold and on mix. I put the car in accessory for the other people in my car while I ran into a store quick. When I came out and put it in the “on” position, my windows, radio, and clock had no power. Once I got home I decided...
  11. V

    Installing Led headlights

    I dont have a voltage meter or much wiring experience,learning as I go,beginner here. Need to know if the red,or green is the hot wire. To attach the quick clamp to
  12. akaNYr

    Drivers window goes down by its self

    My drivers window will go down by its self and I have to play with the button while I'm driving to try and get it to roll up. Then hope it don't go down on its own again it I parked it. The switch is good and so is the motor. I checked the wires in door hinge, in the door too. For now I took out...

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