1. dirtracer115

    95 GT Bucking when cold on takeoff

    Shorty Headers Offroad H pipe GT40 heads CAI 75mm TB EGR Delete Smog pump delete The previous owner put the GT40 heads on the car when changing the head gaskets from when i believe the owner before him blew one using nitrous(the line is still in the car). That is what I'm betting on anyways So...
  2. J

    Need help with my 1995 v6 mustang

    So the other day I was driving around and I had my ac set all the way cold and on mix. I put the car in accessory for the other people in my car while I ran into a store quick. When I came out and put it in the “on” position, my windows, radio, and clock had no power. Once I got home I decided...
  3. E

    Battery jumped in reverse: where to look for problems?

    I own a 1994 3.8L Ford Mustang, manual transmission. Recently replaced my red positive battery cable with a new black cable. I left my lights on today and ran the battery dead. I have a battery jump starter, but like a moron I connected the cables backwards due to the black positive cable...

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