ls swap

  1. J

    1995 SN95 $1000.00ish Build.... (for now).. ($780....left)

    OK so last winter I built up a 1979 GL1000 after a spring of few to many slides (apparently a goldwing sure feels like 650lbs once sliding).... I decided it was time for a trade.... Oh and dirt bike bars and dual sport tires do not make a dirt bike.... LOL So I traded for a 1995 GT yellow...
  2. Patientzero

    New guy in Kansas City

    Hello everybody! I can't access Facebook at work so this is the next best thing, lol. My background: I did 7 years in the Air Force as an AMMO troop, was stationed in Japan or Italy the whole time. Earned my degree in Munitions Systems Technology(things that go boom) for what it's worth...