mustang gt

  1. S

    shifter goes into gear but no movement

    ok so I was cruising down the highway in 5th gear when all of a sudden I had no more power seemed like i was in neutral. So I tried downshifting and again clearly in 4th gear but no response from the rear wheels when I give it gas. So after rolling to the shoulder of the freeway i had to stop...
  2. MrBones

    95 5.0L horrible engine and driveability problems. HELP!

    My 95 5.0 GT I built is running really weird. Before getting up to temp it bogs down and wants to stall. When it is up to temp it bogs down and stalls when putting it in gear. I have to give it gas just to keep it running. When I do give it gas it usually hangs around 2,000 rpm. It doesn't snap...
  3. J

    New Member

    Came across the forum while doing research. I picked up a 1997 Mustang GT Convertible, harvest orange with a little over 140K on the odometer. The last Ford engines I worked on was the older 5.0 and 5.8's. I'm mostly a Chevy guy so hopefully I can be schooled on the modular engines. Will post...

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