smog delete

  1. 9

    1995 Mustang GT Emissions delete(Help)

    So basically somebody stole my catalytic converter, but it is what it is. and that got me thinking to put on a new exhaust on since they cut a chunk from the manifolds. in the perfect world, I'd like to put on some BBK long tube manifolds, and the only manifolds they make for an automatic...
  2. Bitza

    Sn95 export version numbers, And smog delete questions

    Hi everyone, Firstly I live down in NZ, and have got a 95 export version (Japanese), and was wondering if anyone knew where I could find info on the numbers,( body, engine, colours and specs) exported there. Mine came into NZ in 2015, shes a Deep Forest Green GT coupe, the only one I know of...

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