1. 98GTAZ

    STFT/LTFT Way Off No Codes

    So I am pretty sure I have a bad vacuum leak, but I am having trouble isolating it. It is also possible I could have a different problem that presents as a vacuum leak. I am stumped on how to proceed. The car is a 1998 Mustang GT with the 2v 4.6L. It was driving fine, but then had two problems...
  2. U

    95 V6 Fuel-trim Problems

    Hey guys! I'm new here - and more or less, a "new" owner of a 95 Mustang V6. I already went through a lot of threads looking for a solution (or maybe even a hint) on the probs i got with my pony. At this point, i'm sorry for the long text. And also sorry for probably having a strange way of...
  3. D

    O2 Sensor No Voltage Reading / STFT Stuck at 99.2%

    Hey everyone. I’m having a little bit of trouble finding information on this particular issue. I purchased a car from an area where emissions inspections were not required. It had a tune on it that turned off the rear O2 sensors and it had an off-road H pipe, along with long tube headers. I...

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