For Sale 1995 Mustang GT ROLLER

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Oct 24, 2011
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Southeast, IA
Name: Nick
Location: Freemont, IA
Item: Roller 95 Mustang GT (Title In Hand)
Body Miles: Around 100k
Price: SOLD

Car has been sold

Body is Free of Rust

There isn't much left of it but does have a few goodies. I do not want to part it out anymore than I already have. I just want it gone.

Things that are left on the car,

03 Mach1 Rear end with 3.55 gears and 30k miles on it (also has chrome diff cover.

Granatteli Tubular K-Member with Tubular A-Arms / Granatteli Coilovers / Steeda Bumpsteer kit / Steeda CC plates / SLP Line Lock / Weld in Subframe connectors

Cobra front brakes

Billet Gas Door

Both Doors with door panels and all parts / has electric windows and locks (all panels in perfect condition)

Battery Relocation in the trunk, all trunk panels are there aswell.

3 1/2 inch cowl hood. (paint isnt perfect & has some cracks where the latch is but still works perfect also has hood pins on it.

All the glass on the car is in great condition.

It has wheels on it but do not fit correctly, I was only using them to set the car on. Will need other wheels to roll it onto trailer.

Things the car is missing.....

Engine - Transmission - Driveshaft - ECU - Seats - Spoiler -Wheels and Headlights. Carpet has be ripped out to get the cage out other than that the rest of the car is still there.

Not gonna part this car out. There is still alot of good left on this car so please come get this thing off my hands.

Photos of the cars current state car is a bit dirty its been in storage for almost a year.......



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May 16, 2013
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Central IL
dammit....if this was about an hour closer i'd be there this weekend, exactly what I'm looking for. Husband is still dry about the rotted POS i drug him to over in Muscatine :-/ I'm guessing this will sell pretty quick
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