For Sale 2002 Mustang GT

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    I'm testing the waters right now. Car is not perfect and I'm not in a rush to sell it. I know I'm going to regret it. I'm the second owner of this car and have had it for 12 years since high school. It's a True Blue. Has 114k miles (about 4k put on the last 2 years). It has normal wear and tear for a car with that many miles and it was my daily driver for about 5 or 6 years. No rust. It was broken into at one point when it was my daily driver and the window shattered but they screwed up a couple spots with the paint. There's no rust on the car at all. Keep in mind for anyone that knows me, this car was down the drag strip easily over 100 times, mostly before the blower. I did some bracket racing with it and some test and tunes. So a little more details about the car trying to remember everything. It's kind of a sleeper for what it is. Ask Prokiller if you know him.

    2002 GT
    True Blue
    114k Miles
    Window's tinted 20%
    Stock engine, pan to throttle body
    Vortech V1 blower with 3.6 pulley 347rwhp/333tq (tuned by RaceKrafters in Lancaster, PA)
    Stock exhaust besides SLP Loudmouth 2. (have gotten lots of compliments about low drone and how it sounds)
    Eibach Sportline Springs
    Koni Blue shocks and Struts
    J&M caster camber plates
    Off brand subframe connectors
    4r70w with Freak Show Performance 3200 Stall
    3.73 Ford Racing gears
    OEM bullets with like new Kuhmo tires up front and Nitto 555Rs on the rear, both 245/45/17, Nittos will need to be replaced soon
    Have Autometer boost gauge on car. Have AEM A/F gauge that I haven't installed.
    Have car hooked up in case you wanted to run amp and sub off stock radio.
    Has new headlights (not smoked just OEM look a likes)

    That's all I can think of for now. In case you are wondering how the car has down the strip, fastest pass is [email protected] Countless 12.3x passes too.

    The bad since I'm not trying to hide anything:
    Back window tint is bubbling. Got quotes on removing rear and drivers side windows and redoing. $170-$185
    Not the headliner, but what feels like the plywood it's attached to is sagging in the back. Not sure what needs to be done to repair.
    Last thing, there is a squeaking noise coming from the left front. I think it's the caliper from what I read. It goes away when I get on the brakes.
    Front bumper looks like it had some paint defects over the years I owned it.
    6 Disc CD Changer gets jammed quite often

    I have a bunch of stuff sitting around for it and able to make it in the 11s easy, but time is not on my side with my one year old and another on the way in December. Also have some new cosmetic stuff. Price is not including any of the extras I have sitting around. $9000 or best offer. Again not in a rush to sell.

    Latest shots of car before the new headlights.