95 Cobra Dyno #'s (Daily Driver)

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    Oct 31, 2006
    My neighbor down the street has a shop with a brand new Mustang Chassis Dyno O0 .

    I dyno'd my Cobra (Mods listed below) back in March but I had to unhook my ignition box and go with the stock ignition. (dyno issues)

    The numbers were respectible but not impressive at 241HP/283TQ. TQ peaked at 4200 and HP Peaked and stayed the same from 4800 to 5400. No A/F available at that time.

    Saturday I threw it back on after changing the oil, plugs and bumping my fuel pressure to 60lbs at WOT.

    The plugs were changed from Autolite Platmum to Motorcraft AWSF32C and gapped at .050.

    The new numbers from Saturday were 252HP/308TQ with peak HP at 252 from 4400 - 5100 rpm. Peak TQ at 3900.

    The A/F ratio hanging steady between a 11.8 and 12.1.

    So those little changes netted 11RWHP and 25 Ft/Lbs TQ.

    The concern is the 12:1 A/F ratio.... is that too rich or is that ok considering i am N/A?

    here are the dyno sheets

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    Jul 14, 2006
    This is from Aeromotive's website:

    A 10:1 AFR is VERY RICH. A 20:1 AFR is VERY LEAN. Best WOT AFR varies with the engine combination. Natural aspirated (NAS) engines will make best power between 12.0:1 richest and 13.2:1 leanest. Forced induction combinations like to be richer than a similar NAS engine, but should never be leaner than 12.5:1 and may go as rich as 11.0:1 for high boost on pump gas. Always start with the richer AFR, then, gradually work leaner while closely monitoring for detonation

  3. naw looks good.