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    Jan 3, 2007
    Here's the problem.
    I have DSS 347 on hold (LB is paid for). I told them I wanted to go N/A after starting with the concept of a supercharger capable engine.
    The reason for the change of heart..$$$$$$.

    My long block is over $8k, then there are the fuel rails, injectors, intake, TB & MAF, ETC. ETC.
    I see the N/A engine, drive train, Paint, and chassis mods running me around $14k-$17k.

    If I go the supercharger route, it could push $20k+ quickly.
    So the problem is, I am impatient. I want my toy now.

    If I build N/A, I could have it together by June.
    If I go supercharger, it could be a year from now.

    The N/A will run 450+hp at the flywheel with 10.8:1 compression according to DSS.
    The S/C version would be over 725hp+ and put the car in the 10 second range.

    I have spent a lot of time looking at both, picking parts and adding costs.
    I like the thought of a Kenne Bell sitting on top of a fully tuned engine and chassis, or maybe a Novi 2000, but $$$$$$$.

    So the questions are;

    Is it worth the wait?
    Would the N/A be more streetable and have a longer life?
    Wouldn't The N/A motor work better for long distance runs with the club?

    What is your .02 on this?

    p.s. I posted this on the SCMC forum and got one responce for N/A.
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    Feb 3, 2006
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    Sounds bad ass either way.

    well, my 2c would say that there's too many Factory cars running in the 400 HP range nowa days.
    If you can swing it, supercharge it!

    Your looking at a DSS motor, longevity shouldn't be a worry ;)
    Sure higher power will wear quicker, but that's normal, and relative.
    Longevity with a blower isn't really a factor in my mind either.
    it turns with the rest of the engine accessories. you're only pushing boost relative to you throttle position.

    Build it strong, tune it good and it should last you.
    good luck.