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Discussion in 'Auto Parts' started by chickendreamer, Oct 25, 2006.

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    Mar 7, 2006
    Classifieds are not for discussion:
    Classifieds are here for our members to buy or sell an item. If a post does not relate directly to the item for sale/wanted it will be deleted. If you have a off topic question PM the seller.

    If you do not follow these rules your post will be erased with NO WARNING.




    · Start For Sale threads with "FS:" or want to trade threads with "WTT:"
    · Post your location, it's easier for both you and your potential buyer.
    · Give a clear description of the item, and post pictures if possible
    · Items must have an asking price, no feeler threads. Either it's for sale, or not.
    · Post only one thread for your item. Multiple THREADS WILL BE DELETED
    · If you have multiple items for sale, please POST THEM ALL IN ONE THREAD. There is no need to clog up the forum.
    · Please only BUMP/TTT your item ONCE per day MAX or it will be removed OTHER THAN ANSWERING QUESTIONS THAT POTENTIAL BUYERS MIGHT HAVE.
    · NO EBAY/CRAIGSLIST ADs -- If your thread has been posted for a few days and you want to update it with an eBay listing (after failed attempts to sell it) we will allow it.

    · "Want to Buy" threads should not be posted in the FS Section, post in the WTB sub forum
    · Those interested please keep your post related to the items listed.
    · Do not take over another users thread. If you are selling something, start your own thread.
    · If you feel the poster is asking too much money, keep your complaining about the price to yourself. If you don't like the price, don't buy it.

    We do not condone the selling of stolen goods, if it is reported or found out, your information will be passed on to the Authorities. We encourage people to use Paypal as it's one of the more secure ways to transfer money online, sn95forums can not be responsible for people being ripped off so protect yourself. If you see anyone breaking these rules or posting obvious scam, please click the "REPORT POST TO MODERATOR" button, one of the mods will take care of it. We will not tolerate spam or people getting ripped off on our site.

    Safety Suggestions -- (These are suggestions, not requirements)
    SN95Forums is not liable for lost, stolen, broken, missing, or vandalized items. The responsibility of getting paid and proper shipping falls on the parties in the transaction. Here are a few suggestions to help protect yourself:

    #1) check out our "shit list" of banned members we do not suggest participating with

    #2) use our trader feed-back option after the transaction is complete

    #3) start a good guy/bad guy thread for the other user after the transaction

    #4) contact a moderator if the transaction begins to get "fishy" -- we will help keep an eye on the situation and can help eliminate scammers from the site if things go badly.

    #5) keep communication flowing. If one party immediately stops communicating, that should throw up red flags. If they lead you on for a week, chances are they aren't a scammer.

    #1) Use PayPal - it offers protection! **BUT** You can not send the money as a gift. If a seller requests you send the money as a gift to avoid fees, simply tack on an additional 3% to the asking price.

    #2) There are other online payment options, such as Dwolla.

    #3) If you do not want to pay over the internet, your options consist of a Money Order (available at any post office) or a Check. These have *high risk* as the seller can simply cash them, and walk away.


    #1) Do not send the parts until the money has entered your paypal account and cleared.

    #2) I always suggest getting a tracking code/delivery confirmation when doing online transactions. (at buyer's expense)

    #3) take pictures of the item before you package it up. Do not delete these pictures until buyer confirms the items arrived safely.

    #4) Offer insurance to the buyer (at buyer's expense)
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    2-1-2013 update:

    Well, there was a request that we give a little wiggle room on the 100 post count requirement.

    Over the past few weeks the mods and I let things wiggle through a little bit to "test" out how things would work out without a 100 post count rule.

    Since then...

    We've banned 3 seperate members.

    I'll be honest...

    The one of the banned members did not scam members on our forum. They used other means to facilitate their scams (which is evidence that putting forth the effort to scam on this forum is too much and they might as well go elsewhere.)

    The other user had 100 posts and could have scammed here, but didnt.

    And the third did not scam users, he was banned due to other reasons related to a classifieds problem.

    Our 100 post count rule (litterlly, the only rule we enforce, lol) is here for a reason, and that reason is to protect our members.

    If you dont like it. Post more. Then you'll love it.
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    Jan 2, 2013
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    08-29-13: To reiterate since it's been brought to our attention recently...

    If you have multiple items for sale, please combine them into a single thread and create a thread title that best describes what you're selling.
    Please do NOT create a separate thread for each individual item.
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    CLOSING A THREAD: If you would like a thread closed after you sell your item please feel free to PM myself [MENTION=12407]SVTstang96[/MENTION] or any of the moderation staff. You may also tag any of the moderators in a comment letting us know to close it by using @ followed by one of our username.

    Moderation Staff
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