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Mar 27, 2006
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I ordered a rotor and brake pad kit from this company on the 31st of March. I sent an email on the 7th of April requesting an estimated ship date and was told 7-10 business days from the date I placed the order. On the 21st of April, I sent another email requesting the status on my order and was told to email the shipping dept. I emailed the shipping dept and did not receive a reply. On the 24th, I called and left a voicemail for the shipping dept and never received a call. Around the 25th I called and the only live operator I could get to was "place an order", imagine that. I asked to speak to a manager or the shipping dept. After being on hold, long distance, for around 15 minutes, I was told to leave my name and number and someone would get back to me. On the 27th, I finally received an email from the shipping dept requesting me to contact them because their email reponse was slow. I called them and got voicemail. On the 29th, I finally got through to the shipping dept. They explained there was a mix up on my order and someone put my parts back in stock instead of shipping them and they would ship them out first thing Monday morning, May 1st. Well they didn't ship them until late on the May 2nd. They didn't bother expediting them, so I didn't receive them until Saturday the 6th. When I opened the box, I discovered that my rear break pads were missing. I had to replace my brakes that day, so I had to buy pads elsewhere. I contacted their customer service first thing monday morning, May 8th and left a message and sent an email explaining that I wanted to return the pads for a credit. I called again on the 9th and got in touch with "customer service". They want to charge me shipping for sending the rear brake pads. I told them that I'll just send the front brake pads back to them and they refused to reimburse me for shipping or credit the full price of the brake pads instead of the prorated package price. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY.


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Jan 11, 2006
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its a good thing we put things like this so were not future buyers!!!!! good to know :thumb: