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  1. I need help in a big way. I can not decide if i should put a tko500 with a 408 in my 94gt and fix her up, she needs alot of work, like paint, some minor interior stuff. The paint is OK but it does have chips and a nasty gouge on the hood and a few door dings in her sides. I am also thinking of selling mine and getting a nicer 5.0 SN95 and starting with a better car and doing a 408 in that. Basically I wanna huge motor that goes rumpity rump and barks and snarls. Orrrrrr.....i would LOVE to have a turbo sn95 cobra. I can't decide :(. I NEED HELP!
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    I'd say build it man, the cobra's can only take so much before they need a rebuild also.

    and I personally like the TKO over the T56. especially if you have more power. to much shifting with a 6 speed.
  3. True true, they are getting the reputation that supra's have, that they can run around makin 800 horse forever.