Want To Trade Here is a small list of things i'd like to buy or trade for

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    May 12, 2014
    First off I live about 40 min from Boston MA, 30 min from Providence, so some of this stuff would probably be better for me to pick up locally. I'm probably willing to travel a couple hundred miles if it is worth it.

    I'm looking for the following

    1994-98 Mustang GT fog lights

    1994-98 Cobra Front Bumper

    1996-98 Cobra Hood (i'd prefer an original Ford unit, I don't trust aftermarket hoods)

    Items I have for trade, I'd be willing to sell too but I don't have the required 100 posts

    1999-04 Mustang tail lamps in great shape (only housings I don't have bulbs or wiring) $75+ shipping

    1994-98 OEM Mustang headlights these have been sitting in a box since 2000 when I replaced them with aftermarket Cobra style lights in great shape $75+shipping

    2003-04 OEM SVT Cobra fog light, not sure if this will fit older Cobras but I do have one real Ford fog light with bulb still installed $75+shipping

    1999-04 Mustang headlights from a 2002 GT has some light fading does not include bulbed or wiring $50+shipping