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Mar 31, 2021
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September 21, 2021 * 19 posts * 83 views
Chenn2389 said: AZ dyno chip in Tempe is what your referring to. The original owner Kieth had sold 3 years ago and no longer tunes chips. They new ownership said I would need to switch to a standalone ... Read more >>
September 21, 2021 * 30 posts * 295 views
Monday said: I used enough to where I thought I had the perfect gasket. NOPE. Pretty much all got sucked in thru the EGR into the Plenum. I called my car guy and he said "You're supposed to ... Read more >>
September 21, 2021 * 9 posts * 30 views
Hopelessly-Devoted said: I'm just come right out and ask, has anyone ever successfully installed a Sniper EFI (550-516) in a 94 or 95 with a 5.0? I also have a Terminator X still in the box that turned ... Read more >>
September 21, 2021 * 3 posts * 17 views
Rex Kwon Do said: I have a 96 with a standard cassette radio and CD player. The audio button doesn't work to switch to radio, it just stays on cassette. I want to keep it oem. Will radios from different ... Read more >>
September 21, 2021 * 3 posts * 25 views
ttocs said: its all about how the air moves and how much it moves. I found a deal on a magnaflow high flow catted X years ago and installed it prior to do much work to the car. It was raspy ... Read more >>
September 21, 2021 * 4 posts * 46 views
Procharged87 said: My 87 and 95 are both like that also but, there is a grommet made into the upper part of the boot that keeps it centered on the shifter that sometimes either comes apart or gets ... Read more >>
September 21, 2021 * 1 post * 8 views
SN95Newsletter said: Click here to view on the web Highlighted posts OBD I Tuner in Phoenix AZ area. September 20, 2021 * 12 posts * 43 views 94-95 5.0 - Specific Part throttle hesitation cruising ... Read more >>
September 21, 2021 * 9 posts * 129 views
Knightstallion said: What's the best method for cutting the metal from the old gasket though, everything i read says "cut the old gasket flush with a razor " i don't believe my razor will cut the metal, ... Read more >>

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