Little issues after motor swap

Discussion in '94-95 5.0 - Specific' started by duh09, Aug 5, 2014.

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    Apr 23, 2008
    Hey guys, just got done getting the new motor put in the car and having a few little issues and just trying to toss some ideas around on what they could be and what I should be looking into.

    Car is a 94 GT. I bought a motor from a 95 GT from LKQ, new timing set, E303 cam and new lifters, O/R H-Pipe, EGR delete (no smog pump, blocked off the port on the back of the heads, EGR valve still attached, tube is pinched, header is blocked off by Abe), new oil pump, pickup, fresh plugs, wires, and the dizzy is not very old as well. Pretty confident that the timing is right, or at least very close, my timing pointer is just a smidge bent and will be replaced asap.

    Cars runs pretty good but is very obviously down on power. Like badly. Drop the clutch and it won't really even spin the tires. Just sort of feels bogged down. It sometimes will pick up but does so in very short bursts. I've also had the car sort of miss and buck for again very short moments but it has happened once or twice, usually when the car has a load on it (taking off, hills in higher gears). The car almost feels like I've got to keep it revved up to go, but drives fine... just way underpowered feeling. It idles decently, doesn't dip, doesn't fluctuate but is usually a little high, around the 1000-1100 mark.

    Now the car has a couple little issues that I know need some attention and could be contributing to the problems but like I said, trying to get some ideas on things to look at when I have it in the garage and I'm tinkering with it. I've got an exhaust leak coming from the driver side collector. I believe one of the nuts has worked its way loose, shouldn't be a major deal. Previous owner's K&N filter is pretty poorly attached and I believe leaking air after the MAFvso factory airbox will be coming off my 95 and making its way on this car and I will be cleaning the MAF at the same time for good measure. Timing pointer is bent like I mentioned before, waiting on my new one to come in. New fuel filter and new air filter will be going on soon as well.

    I think I'm on the right track but is there anything I've overlooked that could also be the issue?

    Thanks for anything
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    Feb 12, 2011
    Double check your timing . When you did the swap did the timing set have multiple key ways or just 1. You could be off a tooth or 2 on the distributor
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    May 6, 2012
    Can you borrow the pointer off the race car? Or at least use it to semi-lign yours up and time it with a timing light?