New Castle Indiana broad Street cruise

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    Mustangs will be the featured cars for the show on May, 30th.
    As long as work doesn't get in the way a bunch of local mustang guys will be heading out there. Should be a good show.


    little more info (Taken from Local Site)

    [Broad Street Cruise May 2015 ( Mustang Month )

    [I talked with a good friend of mine on Friday about the upcoming Broad Street Cruises for 2015 and he and the committee have decided to make the Mustang the feature vehicle for the month of May. They will have all of the Mustangs in attendance in their own display around the Court House Square. I talked with a few people yesterday from the Indy Mustang Club and they are considering making that their monthly get together for May. It would be pretty cool to flood the area with a ton of Mustangs. My junk will be there along with a lot of other local guys with Mustangs that don't often see day light! It is all free and growing dramatically. Everybody should mark their calendars and really try to check this out. May 30th, 2015 I know it is about 90 miles for you Cincinnati guys but its essentially equidistant to going to Somerset. Plus its a weekend after a short work week. We have some decent food establishments around town or could make a 20 mile cruise any direction to some little drive-in. If a group wanted to meet up earlier in the day out at my house and do something like that we could possibly get something set up. Here is a link to the Facebook page with dates, previous pictures and some info.

    Talked to the events coordinator of the Mustang Club of Indy today at lunch. As of now they plan to come into town between 1 and 2 the day of the cruise. Weather permitting it sounds like they have a pretty good number of vehicles. Come to find out there is also another localized club on the Southside of Indy and they were also invited. So if anyone has any contacts with your local Ohio car club chapters please get the word out. It seems like there is a little shit talking about what month will have the best turnout. Camaro , Mustang or Mopar. There are a ton of Mopars around here but I think they are underestimating how many Mustangs are in a 100 mile radius of here. It should be interesting. We just need good weather!
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    Hummm.... :hmm:
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    I just added this to my calendar!! I know a few Indy guys and may show up with them.