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Discussion in 'Drag Racing' started by red95gtcoupe, May 15, 2007.

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    May 4, 2007
    I got some runs in last Friday at Norwalk (Summit Racing Motorsports Park). The first couple runs were slow due to me launching soft and seeing how it was running. Now that I have my driveshaft safety loop in, I figured Id try to leave harder. First I tried tried dropping it at 4500 with 14 psi in the tires. I got a 1.78 60' and ran 8.36 @ 83.6 in the 1/8th, and 13.058 @ 105.43 in the 1/4. the next run I dropped the clutch at 5500 since the first seemed to bog slightly. That time I had a 1.83 60', 8.38 @ 84.5 in the 1/8th and 13.062 @ 105.92 in the 1/4. How are you guys doing launging on the MT DRs. The best 60' I ever had last year was a 1.75 (ran a [email protected]) and that was slipping the clutch from 4500. Are you guys getting the best 60's just dorppong the clutch? Im getting the car dynoed next week so maybe Ill be able to pick my shift points better. I have been shifting around 5500 rpm (on the stock tach). Now that I have a different daily driver I may try shifting a little harder. Hopefully I can get into the 12s once I hook better and drive it a little harder


    twisted wedge heads, cobra intake (ported lower by me........first time), 70mm TB, 74mm MAF, 24# inj, underdrives, Longtubes, O/R h-pipe, flowmaster catback, upper/lower control arms, 16* base timing, 93 octane, crane 2031 cam, 3/8'' intake spacer, 1.7 rockers, CAI, 3.73s, skinnies up front on welds and M/T Drag radials (275/60/15) on welds out back. Last year the weight with me in it was around 3450. My wideband says the AFR at WOT is 12.8-13.0:1, removed passenger seat, removed headlight and short belt.
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    Jan 12, 2006
    Good times you have there, i would pay close attention when you go to the dyno and see where your PB drops off at then you will know where to shift at.
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    Mar 8, 2008
    The dyno will tell you quite a bit. My best time on MT DR's is a 1.808 and that was slipping the clutch some at about 4,000 RPM's