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Oct 21, 2012
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Hello Hello,
Welcome to October ROTM Voting!

This months theme was TRANSFORMATIONS!


First off, I lied and let in more contestants than originally planned. Couldn't turn away these great builds!

Here are your contestants!




Good Luck!



I bought this car bone stock back in May of 2011 during my junior year of high school. 3 years later I have transformed it into one of the biggest neck-breaking mustangs on the face of the earth. It was built in the deepest, darkest parts of hell and has been placed on this earth for the sole purpose of defying everything mustang owners have ever worked towards. Its nonfunctional, slammed, cambered, hardparked, and as loud as a drag car. It's everything you've ever hated and more.

Mod list:

- Black housing headlights & corners
- Yellow foglights
- Chin spoiler
- Custom front splitter
- Custom side splitters
- Custom rear diffuser
- S281 spoiler
- Red calipers & bumper inserts
- Silver 4.6L badges
- 3" carbon fiber antenna
- Wiper delete
- 5% & 20% tint
- 18" long 3.5" exhaust tips
- Gold tuner lug nuts

- Red gauge cluster lights
- Red map lights
- Red HVAC controls
- JVC audio headunit
- Dual gauge pillar pod
- Oil pressure gauge
- Water temperature gauge
- Black/red suede shift boot
- Red Corbeau A4's
- CDC light bar

- Mac cold air intake
- Mac 75mm throttle body
- Trick Flow plenum
- UPR off-road x-pipe
- SLM LM1 resonators
- PI intake
- Spectra premium radiator
- Walbro 155 lph fuel pump
- FRPP high performance spark plugs

- 4:10 gears
- T-45 swap
- Ford Racing clutch fork
- Steeda short throw shifter
- Steeda double hook quadrant
- SR adjustable clutch cable
- King Cobra style clutch

- Strange coilover kit
- Strange 10-way adjustable struts
- QA1 10" 300lbs springs
- J&M caster camber plates
- SVE lowering springs
- Tokico HP shocks
- J&M lower control arms
- Rear cobra sway bar

- 17x9 03/04 polished cobra rims
- Kumho ASXs (245) & kumho XSs (295)
- 3/4" rear spacers
- 5/16" front spacers
- Kinetic cross drilled & slotted rotors
- Powerstop ceramic brake pads





Well it's hard to make this brief, but basically I like to build things out of spare parts and I found a wrecked 95 Cobra R that someone modified and I took the best of that car and put into a Regular 95 Cobra that had a S-trim and added A/C, now the cobra is getting edelbrock victor jr heads and victor jr intake.





Thanks for the nomination! I bought my car bone stock a few years ago and have transformed the car into what it is today. I take pride in being able to say I turned every bolt myself. The transformation isn't too drastic, as the car was bought in very good condition.

Tokico Blue shocks/struts
UPR coilovers front, cut springs rear
Energy suspension rack bushings
Prothane sway bar end links
Baer 13'' Cobra calipers
EBC redstuff pads
Powerslot rotors front and rear
UPR Tubular K-member and A-arms
SVE upper and lower rear control arms
Maximum Motorsports steering shaft

MGW shifter
Silver Race shifter handle
03 Cobra shift knob
Foxbody length rear axle
Cobra 31 spline differential with carbon discs
Moser 31 spline axles
Custom hydrodipped girdle


Aeromotive Stealth 340 fuel pump
FRPP 42lb injectors
Slot style MAF conversion
FRPP ported PI intake
NGK TR6 plugs
Accufab plenum/75mm tb
On3 Performance 70mm turbo kit, highly modified to work and fit correctly
UPR battery relocation kit

Misc. Mods

HRE 540 wheels, powdercoated flat black centers and gloss black lips. 18x8.5 front, 18x10.5 rear
Nitto Drag Radials
Carbon fiber S281 wing, license plate bezel, and console lid
Bride seats
AEM wideband
Autometer boost gauge
35% tint





The car stared as a pretty clean v6 and after driving it for about a year I just could not leave it alone anymore. I got a few bolt ons for it which includes cold air, short throw shifter and an SCT tuner. Shortly after I started doing the small stuff, I put some 3,73's in the rear which woke it up but still was far from done. I pieced together a turbo kit and eventually I was driving a turbo'd v6. That was fun and surprised some stock-ish v8 cars. Again, I needed more. I found a nice sized cam and ported the heads. This definitely changed the way this car performed. This setup was really fun, but unfortunately only lasted a few weeks. A valve dropped and poked a hole in a piston which caused the rod to snap in half. I bought a junkyard split port motor and threw that in there. By this time I was getting frustrated with the split port motor just not running right and out of anger I jumped on craigslist, and ended up driving a beat up 98 gt home for a thousand bucks. Swapped in the motor and trans from that car, sold the wheels and the frame for a thousand bucks so I came out decent on that deal. This is where I got the itch for the v8. While this was a decent running v8 car, I was collecting parts for 2v that could handle some boost. The only different thing is that this built v8 gets its fuel through a carb. Along the way I shaved the engine bay, and did a few appearance things.

It went from a stock v6 to its current state: Aluminum block bored .020 over, cast crank, forged rods and pistons, pi heads I ported myself, mmr stage 2 turbo cams, Eddelbrock Vic Jr intake, Holley 6777 carb, MSD 6011 ignition, braided steel fuel lines going into a sumped tank. I have a 3.5 inch cowl hood to cover all this stuff up. I have a D&D tubular k-member and a-arms with coil overs.





My cars journey started out with a 1967 Fastback in poor condition. I thought about some different ways to go, but i ended up with the SN95 way. Took the complete drive train and chassies from an 1995 Mustang GT Convertible. The 95 stang was in poor condition, sun bleached, ripped up top, cracked bumpers and so on. So i decided to give it new life in the shape of an 67 Eleanor. I've put about 2500 hours of work into the car as we speak, and i think that i might have another 100 before im all done. The car was almost done this summer, but i blew my engine (spun a rod bearing). So a new engine is being built as we speak - 347 stroker, Trick-Flow top end (heads, intake, camshaft), BBK headers, x-pipe, 75mm TB, pmas MAF, 80lb siemens deka injectors and some other goodies. The transmission is an AODE, prepped with a Trans-go HD2 shift kit, and a 3200 stall torque converter. The rear end is upgraded with 4.10 gears, new bearings and carbon fiber plates.
Brakes are original, but with slotted and drilled rotors.





Backround on my car isn't complicated... Bought it from Palm Springs, CA and drove it back to NY where I live.. it was 100% bone stock and now it has a full bolt ons with a 70mm On3 performance turbo kit. 60 pound injectors, GT40X aluminum heads with GT40 Upper and Lower, 1.6 RRs 18" XXR 521 rims with Goodyear Eagle F1 tires 245/45/18 and 285/40/18
10 pounds of boost puts down 540rwhp





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May 12, 2012
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I even get nommed?

Tough choices here, though. There's some great builds up there.
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