Project reboot with fresh blood.

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    Feb 6, 2009
    Long story short I got over my head and stripped my fox to the bone six years ago. It's been a slow crawl back to a running car and with a long work week, house maintenance and life, she's never gotten finished. My daily driver kicked the bucket, I accepted defeat and picked up a sweet 95 convertible gt 5.0/t-5 with 125-150k on the odometer (broken gear, of course).

    here she is on day one, need to get more photos:
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    Feb 6, 2009
    And these are in the boxes that collect dust

    Parts list (last year compatible)
    MM C/c plated -93
    MM K member brace - 93
    Anderson pms - 93
    MM Control arms - 98
    MM Coil overs - 98
    MM Torque arm - 04
    MM T/a springs 04
    MM Sub frame connectors - 04
    MM Panhard bar
    Turbo kit... God only knows... Gonna need parts no matter what.
    New t60
    2 X Bbk shorty Headers 5.0 (1 X ceramic coated) up to 95 (94-95 requires egr delete and foxbody h pipe)
    Bbk o/r H - pipe/X-pipe (see above)
    Typhoon intake 86-95 (94-95 require additional elbow)
    Trickflow type r intake (both 70mm and 90mm uppers, 70mm may be track heat)
    Pro 5.0 shifter - t5/t45 (bolt size M8 x 1.25 x 20mm)
    Stifflers transmission crossmember 93
    Sway bars - 93
    342 forged stroker sportsman block with fox front dress and dampener
    Aluminum radiator - 93
    Taurus fan - 93 (94+oem equipped)
    Frpp Aluminum driveshaft (may need spacer?)
    2 X rjm injection engine harness 93? Would need to get fancy with a9l conversion
    rjm egr delete - ? Will I need this for egr delete
    ... 383w short block with forged deep dish slugs and unknown non-roller cam
    ......that might be it. I think.