Rear caliper issue???

Discussion in 'Suspension and Brakes' started by spank 141, Sep 14, 2014.

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    May 30, 2014
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    On my 98 cobra the rear brakes don't appear to be releasing? Tried to drive the car and something felt like it was pulling me down I would go to shift car and it was slowing way down and then it got worse and the rear wouldn't move at all with out a shove from another car. I got it home and took the back wheels off and checked the e brake cable and it was connected and moving back and forth like it should. Looked at the pads while the brake was being moved and did not see any movement at all. I took the calipers of and rotated the wheels to make sure the rear end wasn't messed up and it appeared to be ok. I think the rear calipers are stuck on? Could this be another problem? How can I fix the calipers without buying new ones? I did get a check engine light and checked it with the scanner and it said anit theft acctivated? This code doesn't allow the motor to turn on correct? I cleared the code and it didn't help anything. Just wondering because its weird to have both rear brakes look up on me at the same time?