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    1995 SN95 $1000.00ish Build.... (for now).. ($780....left)

    OK so last winter I built up a 1979 GL1000 after a spring of few to many slides (apparently a goldwing sure feels like 650lbs once sliding).... I decided it was time for a trade.... Oh and dirt bike bars and dual sport tires do not make a dirt bike.... LOL So I traded for a 1995 GT yellow...
  2. S

    replacement distributor for a 1995 - 5.0 GT

    My 95 GT (a classic car that I do not drive regularly) intermittently stalls out when hot and when it cools down it starts back up. I have read that this is a somewhat common problem and can be traced to a failing pip (ignition pickup) in the distributor and that it is easier to replace the...
  3. B

    The everything suspension 95 GT

    Hello I'd like to hear some first hand advice for my goals. I have a 95 GT Automatic. My goal for the car is a fun street car 98% of the time at this point. I will take this to the drag strip occasionally and may also try autocross as some point. I'm going to leave out the motor setup and...

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