1. G

    How much am i pushing and how much more can i squeeze off what i have

    I just recently got a beautiful mustang gt from a trade that the first buyer put a lot of work into and i’m wondering how much hp i’m pushing and how much more i can squeeze out with killing my bank so far it has 3.55 gears K&n air filter Asp pulleys Chris Johnson chip 2% lean on WOT Synthetics...
  2. FastballRacing

    ON3 Turbo Kit Complete Install

    ** ALL PICTURES POSTED IN COMMENTS - IM OVER MY FORUM WORD COUNT ** My Mechanical Experience: 24 Years Old Novice, Have only installed basic Bolt Ons. Decided to Jump Straight into this. Day 1 - Teardown Down: Removed Hood Removed Front Bumper Removed Crashbar Removed Cold Air Intake Removed...
  3. valkyrie302

    Help needed - fuel line loose at the rail??

    Hello! I’m very new to both this forum and the world of Mustangs. I’ve owned my first Mustang, a 1995 GT with a 302, for about a year now, but have only recently started seriously tinkering with it. I recently attempted to replace the dizzy and set timing, but messed up and had to start over...
  4. Y

    Stock fuel pressure regulator on Aftermarket fuel rail?

    Hey, so I just purchased a set of Edelbrock fuel rails for 94-95 mustangs. Is it possible to use the stock fuel pressure regulator or should I use an aftermarket one? Thanks
  5. 90foe_5.0

    94 mustang gt head swap ?

    New to the forum so sorry if this is the wrong thread! I have a 94 gt 5.0 all stock other then exhaust. I was told today I have a bent exhaust valve soo while I’m pulling the heads I’ve been told to run gt40p heads. I’m Mechanically inclined enough to pull the heads etc. but not too sure on...
  6. Mobbin50

    Wheel Offset

    I have a 95 GT and was looking at the 94-98 Saleen style wheels 17x9 with +24mm offset. Im on about 1.5in lowering springs looking for a good stance. I plan on buying coil overs later on. I would be running 245/45/17 tires and was wonder how far out I can safely get my wheels before running into...
  7. dirtracer115

    95 GT Bucking when cold on takeoff

    Shorty Headers Offroad H pipe GT40 heads CAI 75mm TB EGR Delete Smog pump delete The previous owner put the GT40 heads on the car when changing the head gaskets from when i believe the owner before him blew one using nitrous(the line is still in the car). That is what I'm betting on anyways So...
  8. J


    I have a 94 Mustang GT manual that has been out of commission for the last few months. A month or so before it stopped cranking this time it stopped cranking once before due to a bad pickup in the distributor from what I was told. The mechanic fixed and I drove it for about a month before it...

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