96 Mustang GT Build

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Jan 19, 2014
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El Paso, TX
Good god Again I posted in the wrong spot!!
I thought I was in builds...then went to look and it wasn't there.
Admin please have mercy....

Well after a month of looking around, asking questions, and looking some more. I have a build plan.
This is not long term as after a few years assuming I still have her, I will move up and on.
But this is the current plan. I plan to begin by the middle of the month when my getting situated calms down.

Doing this about all at once.

Anything listed without an exact brand name means I'm still looking into it, so please let me know if you have suggestions.

Tune up
Fuel filter
Oil Change etc

PI Swap
Steeda UDP
Acufab 70MM Throttle Body
Acufab Plenum
Refresh the rear end
Aluminum DS
17x8s up front
17x10.5s out back
Shorties(will do with PI headswap)
New brakes/pads
Looking into getting an aluminum radiator, still not sold on one yet. Finding alot of posts around the net about fluidyne and mishimotos leaking.
Probably run an AM tune til I order some cams and go to Portland for a dyno tune with them.

Suspension overhaul.
Sway bars
lowering springs, going for 1.5 drop all around.
MM CC plates
Lower control arms
Weld in subframe connectors.

Figured I'd toss it out and get some input for the build, and any good advice for things I didn't list brands for.

I figure the above mods even minus aftermarket cams will be a great improvement over it now. And since it's just a street build, will tide me over nicely.

Occasionally I debate stepping up for gears as my long term goal is for a nice 5.4 swap, and I figure my 3.27s would fit nicely as my 2.73s worked well with my 97 with the same engine.

Guess I'll see how I feel about the PI swap before I set that in stone.

Also, my T45 is fine, but will be looking at options for either a replacement or upgrade.
I recall my 97 all but lost reverse at 94k, so I feel I either have a good t45 or am on borrowed time for mine.

I'm hoping when I can at least get a dyno pull for numbers sake, I can be close to if not at or past
260 HP and 300 TQ at the wheels.

But here it is.
Just waiting on things to calm down here then I start ordering everything.
Also posting allows for input so I can do it right the first time with input from others!

As always thanks for everything!

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