ABS HELP ?????????????

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    Aug 20, 2006
    I've been haveing problems with my brakes, So far I have replaced my master cylinder, rear calipars. but now the front brakes are locking up on me. I ended up getting them so hot they turned red, now im gonna have to replace the front rotors and calipars . The past week and a half it has been in the shop and Ive been getting charged alot of money just to finaly find out the brake pressure control valve (Proportioning valve) isn't working so I called every auto parts store out the and they said i would have to call ford, so i did and ford discontinued it in 05'. I ended up finding one online. Now here is my ? In 97 they built mustangs with and without ABS brakes and so there are 2 different valves. How can i tell if my car has ABS or not??????? Thanks for any replies.