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    Maybe a Ford tech can shed some light on my situation. I'll go over the whole situation as it happened.

    1. I took my console out to paint it.

    2. Painted the console and left it out of the car overnight to dry.

    3. I drove the car without the console. The air bag light came on immiediately. Also, the speedometer wasn't working because the Speedcal gets it power from the console. So the O/D light was blinking. It also threw code PO500. Turn signals and rear defrost also do not work. And it blows the 15 amp fuse in position number 1.

    4. I put the console back in. Cleared the "PO500" code.

    5. Air bag light still on.

    6. I went here and followed their instructions:

    7. The light remains on; no blinking. It won't flash the DTC, even after I follow the procedure in the above link. I try the short, but it still won't flash and codes at me. It just remains on. I replace the fuse, but it just blows it again.

    I went the Ford dealership and they said it needs to be hooked up to the computer and it will take 45 minutes to an hour for the computer to do its job. Sounds like a load of shit to me. Any suggestions?
  2. yeah... take it to the dealer let them fix it...

    Those computers are something else I tell ya...