cam valve clearance with stock bottom end and gt40X


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May 16, 2007
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Hi, I have a quick question about clearence with a new cam, i'll tell ya what i have so you know what i'm working with, have a 94 Gt with a stock bottem end and with the stock cam, and right now i have GT40X heads that have the 64cc combustion chambers and they are fully ported with 1.72 roller rockers on them, a Edelbock performer rpm intake were the upper intake is all hogged out, the ports from the upper to lower intake are ported to the size of the performer rpmII intake and then also ported on the bottom to match the head ports, it has 30 # injectors, 75mm throttle body, 76 mm c&l mass air and intake pipe, bigger fuel pump, 4.10 gears, and steeda drag springs (struts and shocks comeing in next few weeks), i know with a stock motor the highest valve lift you can run .512, so my main question is, does anyone know what the highest i can go with the stock pistons with heads that have 1.94 valves and the 64 cc chambers ? Anyone know if the B or E cam will work with the 1.72 rockers on this or would i have to get a different cam with 1.6 rockers ? Anyone have a good idea on what lift and duration would be good for my setup ? Sorry for all the question but this has been driving me nuts.

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