Choosing the correct pi intake gaskets


Jun 3, 2007
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I have no clue.

I will say this. Gaskets advertised as both 4.6l / 5.4l are more along the 5.4l design. At work we have both gasket styles because we make both intake styles and in the leaktest process of every intake, the correct style gasket is used in these machines when they get leak tested. One would think either gasket could swap out, work just fine. Say for instance we ran out of the 4.6l gaskets(cause the things get damaged with repeated use) so we try the 5.4l gasket and it leaks like crazy, never passing, always failing the intake. And vise versa to the 5.4l machine for leaktesting we try using the 4.6l gaskets. For one the gaskets are to thick and damages them every time the machine clamps up the intake. Adjusting the machine out to accept the 4.6l gaskets we find the machine will still fail the intake for flow through the water channel and this is because the 4.6l intake gaskets have a smaller hole for the water channel.

The 5.4l intakes are 3 separate components that are put together with ultrasonic welding process to make up its entirety. The pi 4.6l intake is one solid piece of injected plastic and this process comes with its faults one being warpage as the plastic cools, but all with in the ford specs.

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What you see is a metal negative of the 4.6l intake. It gets placed into a mold, plastic is injected around it and then the metal is melted out. The metal is bismuth, has a low melting point and is extremely heavy. That negative is 200lbs.

What company do you work for? I work in the aftermarket automotive supplier world as well.

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